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  • Technologies Case studies
    Technologies Case studies
    Polyhedron Packaging
    Special mosaic mold design, forming a unique diamond and water drop shape, with clear edges and lines, implying that the eye drops are crystal clear.

    Technology: ISBM
    Easy Open Cap
    Tear and pull structure design,open without any tools. It can replace the normal aluminum cap. After using, the bottle and the cap are separated, which is convenient for plastic classification and recycling.

    Technology: Injection
    Thick Wall Molding
    Through the special mold structure design and the temperature control of the  pre-form to solve the problem of flow mark and lesser the material crystallization appear on bottle. The bottle with higher strength and more transparent. It can be used to replace glass and to solves the problems of friability and high energy consumption of glass. 

    Technology: ISBM
    Convenient Pack

    Exquisite design, which is more convenient to use, more humanized and more environmental friendly.

    This design won the German Red Dot Design Award

    Technology: Injection

    Integrated Spoon and Cap

    Unique design, which placing the spoon in the cup cover, forming the cap and spoon together, and have better consumer experience.

    This design won the Pentawards Silver Award 2018

    Technology: Injection

    In Mold Labeling

    In mold labeling apply on multi curved surface, which is an integrated injection molding. It can be multi-cavities, small deviation and high efficiency.

    Technology: Injection with In mold label

    Integrated Thin-wall Injection

    Thin-wall injection for integrated lid and body. High precision molding with injection core deflection control. Wall thickness deviation can be controlled within 5%.

    Technology: Injection